Kelly Manocha: A tattoo for talking on mobile?

Friday, December 13, 2013

A tattoo for talking on mobile?

Motorola began processing in the United States to patent a microphone that is applied as a sticker tattoo on the neck of the wearer .

For those who have been following recent statements by executives of the company ( now owned by Google ) is not a surprise, Regina Dugan , vice president of advanced projects within the company , had already advanced its interest in tattoos as identification systems digital .
In fact , the concept of tattoo is applied somewhat liberally here because there is a tattoo ink but an electronic device that sticks to the skin or (in the worst case ) is inserted subcutaneously .
In fact, many people have a chip inserted under the skin to various tasks. And Nokia also applied to patent interactive tattoos ( or self- chips better) that would allow a degree of user interaction , vibrating to alert us of something ( sure we will notice much faster the vibration of a part of our skin than an object in a pocket ) .
But we were with microphone in the neck. The advantages? The main thing is that we play secret agents in a movie ; throat microphones are long , even for use with a conventional smartphone, although some are not too showy . The Japanese company Sanwa has another more subtle.
But besides the fact of being so close to the larynx ( and the height of the vocal cords) allows them to take the audio we produce much more fidelity , even in noisy environments , or whisper , it would be great to be able to speak for phone without pestering others ( also using a headset , of course) .
The concept includes the use of Motorola NFC or Bluetooth for pairing with the phone, and some sort of battery life to give to the team. And, according to Unwired View portal technology , the patent contemplates using the tattoo to detect whether the wearer is lying ..

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