Kelly Manocha: Slim your arms with these exercises

Friday, December 13, 2013

Slim your arms with these exercises

One of the basic exercises that should not miss in your training routine are the lizards to strengthen arms, as it is one of the fundamental movements to tone the shoulders and promote the development of muscle mass.

Jorge RodrĂ­guez , specialist training Sport City , says that the lizards are ideal in obstacle courses that help you strengthen arms, chest , abdomen, buttocks and legs.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of lizards , but since you bored of always doing the same motion , the coach Jorge Rodriguez gives you some funny examples to exercise your body :

 According to the GuĂ­aFitness website , you encourage to perform some delagartijas series increased body strength, trunk and back because you work as well as the muscles in the arms , legs and buttocks.

The coach Jorge Rodriguez details that you must maintain the posture while performing exercise to prevent injuries or tears , for example, never let your hips drop too , imagine you are a table.

Even the lizards are ideal for strengthening arms for women , allowing them to maintain a bust , buttocks and shapely legs , free from sagging or cellulite. And you , how many times a week you perform push-ups to strengthen the arms ?

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