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Friday, December 13, 2013

A tattoo for talking on mobile?

Motorola began processing in the United States to patent a microphone that is applied as a sticker tattoo on the neck of the wearer .

For those who have been following recent statements by executives of the company ( now owned by Google ) is not a surprise, Regina Dugan , vice president of advanced projects within the company , had already advanced its interest in tattoos as identification systems digital .
In fact , the concept of tattoo is applied somewhat liberally here because there is a tattoo ink but an electronic device that sticks to the skin or (in the worst case ) is inserted subcutaneously .
In fact, many people have a chip inserted under the skin to various tasks. And Nokia also applied to patent interactive tattoos ( or self- chips better) that would allow a degree of user interaction , vibrating to alert us of something ( sure we will notice much faster the vibration of a part of our skin than an object in a pocket ) .
But we were with microphone in the neck. The advantages? The main thing is that we play secret agents in a movie ; throat microphones are long , even for use with a conventional smartphone, although some are not too showy . The Japanese company Sanwa has another more subtle.
But besides the fact of being so close to the larynx ( and the height of the vocal cords) allows them to take the audio we produce much more fidelity , even in noisy environments , or whisper , it would be great to be able to speak for phone without pestering others ( also using a headset , of course) .
The concept includes the use of Motorola NFC or Bluetooth for pairing with the phone, and some sort of battery life to give to the team. And, according to Unwired View portal technology , the patent contemplates using the tattoo to detect whether the wearer is lying ..

May put up damage urination

How much was the time you've resisted the urge to urinate ? Delay your trip to the bathroom can cause damage to your health, as it can generate from infections to kidney stones .

According to information published in The Huffington Post, an average bladder has the capacity to hold about eight glasses of water, so that after that amount is necessary to free space through the urine.

The Australian Government Department of Health detailing that people eliminate between 200 and 500 milliliters of urine each time you visit the bathroom , which can occur four to six times a day.

Do not stand her!

However, when a person urination is enduring , the bladder can stretch or accumulate bacteria that harm the body and could endanger your life . Meet the consequences!

    Interstitial cystitis. The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse ( Clearinghouse ) points out that this condition is characterized by the need to urinate frequently and urgently , accompanied by pain . It comes for different reasons , but one of them is bacterial infection caused by resist the urge to urinate .
    UTI. When you wait too long to urinate accumulate different bacteria , which enter into the urinary tract and damage your body. Even , the infection can impact the kidneys , according to the clearinghouse .
    Kidney stones . Also known as kidney stones , are solid crystals formed in the kidney from substances found in urine. Form due to a urinary tract infection caused by lack of toileting.
    Pyelonephritis. It is a urinary tract infection that starts in lauretra or bladder , but if not treated in time can cause significant kidney damage. One cause is obstruction of the urinary tract or resist the urge to go to the bathroom.
    Vesico- ureteral reflux . This condition is generated when the urine returns to the urethra and kidneys, which triggers urinary tract infections . Detonated by accumulated resist the urge to go to the bathroom bacteria.

Prevent infections!

In Salud180.com interview , Dr. Carlos Sanchez Moreno , CEO of Group Uroclinic explains an effective way to prevent urinary tract infections.

Remember to keep a good cleaning intimate protects you from any urinary infection. Complement your care with adequate hydration and respects your biological needs such as toileting. And you, have you endured much to urinate?

Slim your arms with these exercises

One of the basic exercises that should not miss in your training routine are the lizards to strengthen arms, as it is one of the fundamental movements to tone the shoulders and promote the development of muscle mass.

Jorge RodrĂ­guez , specialist training Sport City , says that the lizards are ideal in obstacle courses that help you strengthen arms, chest , abdomen, buttocks and legs.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of lizards , but since you bored of always doing the same motion , the coach Jorge Rodriguez gives you some funny examples to exercise your body :

 According to the GuĂ­aFitness website , you encourage to perform some delagartijas series increased body strength, trunk and back because you work as well as the muscles in the arms , legs and buttocks.

The coach Jorge Rodriguez details that you must maintain the posture while performing exercise to prevent injuries or tears , for example, never let your hips drop too , imagine you are a table.

Even the lizards are ideal for strengthening arms for women , allowing them to maintain a bust , buttocks and shapely legs , free from sagging or cellulite. And you , how many times a week you perform push-ups to strengthen the arms ?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dresses for several bridesmaids

Choose dresses for several bridesmaids is a very complicated task, depends on the number of women who have chosen to accompany you on your wedding the difficulty of your task will increase or decrease. Today we share with you some tips to help you choose the bridesmaid dresses easily.

- Talk to women who will be bridesmaids and ask what their style and what types of clothing are the most likes.

- measures your body, thus you can choose the ideal dresses for each of them.

- Make sure that the color of the dresses you choose matches your dress and feel good at them all.

- Short or long dresses? If the wedding is in summer it is recommended that the dresses are short, if the celebration is held in spring in cold weather or opt for long dresses.

- The fabric of the dresses should be appropriate for the celebration, if the party is luxurious fabrics must be of high quality, in otherwise opt for a simpler fabric.

- That the dresses do not overshadow the wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses can never be more attractive than the dress you wore your.